EndTaxsploitation Manifesto

Britain is drowning in regulations, with a result that the economy struggles along in first gear.  The EndTaxsploitation movement aims to reduce these burdens beginning with the tax system.

We believe that if we have more time to run our businesses, then more revenue will be generated, and more money will be provided in taxation for the country.  Everyone will benefit.  We will get our time back, and the government will get its money.

We propose:  only income shall be recorded, not what we spend our money on.  Such demands for information are intrusive.   The income shall be taxed at a standard rate over the exempt amount.

We propose:  that VAT should be abolished, with its cumbersome duty to pay, collect and reclaim, and replaced with a transaction tax.  The threshold at which this tax will be levied will be an income of £500,000 p.a.   This will encourage more businesses to grow to a substantial size, whereas at present few start-ups survive their early years.

THE LEGAL POSITION:  Taxation is a normal part of living in society, as the government needs revenue to run its operations.  What is unacceptable is the hidden costs as a result of compliance.  Currently it is estimated that for every £1 the government spends on administrative costs related to taxation, the taxpayer spends £4 in compliance, on top of the tax they pay.

The Human Rights Act, Article 4 forbids slavery, servitude and forced labour.  The Act exempts “any work which forms part of normal civic obligations”.  HMRC tries to argue that this includes tax compliance, but if this were to be accepted, it would give the government the right to demand unlimited amounts of work from us in the name of compliance, and would be completely opposed to the purpose of the Act.  As this is unacceptable, HMRC tries to make sure that any discussion of quantification of the work involved is suppressed or tries to down-play and trivialise the amount of work involved.  Every small businessman knows that these costs are considerable and we will campaign to bring the following to the attention of the government: